Friday, 28 October 2011

Bevels Resident - LA Mode Top Student October Batch 1

 It is our great Honor and pride to Share with you an Interview of our Top Student.. Miss Bevels Resident

1) How was your experience studying in LA MODE?
Fabulous. The staff was very friendly and helpful.  The lessons were informative and well structured.  

2) What are your most unforgetable experience whiel studying in LA mODe?

My most unforgettable experience was the graduation ceremony.  I worked hard putting together my outfits and I was happy with their reception.  I was able to put everything I had learned to use and the presentation of the event was wonderful.  They constructed a themed runway specifically for the event.  The work and care that went into it was tremendous and I really appreciated it greatly. 

3) What did you feel when you were selected as a Top Student Model?
I felt really excited and honored and a bit nervous.  Its hard to describe such a varied mix of emotion. 

4) What are your future goals as a model ?

I hope to continue improving and learning and some day be an SL top model.
5) Any advise to those who wanted to do modelling? What is it?

I would say that you have to have a positive attitude and never give up.  Ever.  If you want something, go for it even if the timing is not right.  Its better to sieze opportunity and risk losing it than to not sieze it and guarentee your loss. 

Again, Congratulations to you Miss Bevels Resident.. It was our pleasure to be a part of your journey to the modeling world.. Good luck to you and God bless....

Students Mini Styling Challenge

Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

Today, we wil give a new different meaning to Halloween... It is through fashion and Style by our lovely students...

Seat back, relax, and Happy Halloween..

Presenting the two love student's of our School on there Halloween outfits....

Laci Rossini -  Sexy Vampire

She is  wearing a dress called blood night by Calla, Her jewelry is by Zuri Creations called Tears of Blood, which sgei have her refills in. Bracelet by Zuri called Enchanted Spider.

  Single Lip Ring Blood Stone by Liderc Dagger  Her hair is by Truth called Jennifer-blood dark, Her shoe are by LC Vamp: Emberlei: Skin called Dark Angel by ND/MD shapes. Makeup by A'Vion and Mock.Eyes by Distinctive Red Snake by ~Devil's Advocate~
Fangs By ND/MD Shapes and Hud by Thirst bloodlines.

Ghost of dead housewife

Lolita Paragorn


Dress : Fashion Revealed by VITA'BOUDOIR
Hair : Amacci Hair Fayne - Black coal
Make up : eyes : ee.Midnight noir
                lips : Miamai les makeups Monica Lipstick Black 01
                Lashes : Chaisuki n 24
Nails : Finesmith Nails metallic in Black
Jewelleries : earring Skulls
                    Finesmith Diana Bracelet        
Shoes : N-Core ETERNITY in Gold
Skin : Meggan 05 by Nany Merlin

Laci Rossini

She is wearing a a dress by SAS - Happy Housewife Dress,
Shoes :Hinky Punk: Joanie Shoes saddle shoes.
Socks; Total Betty *Poodles* white sockies
Hair; !lamb. Bob - Granny (Grayscale Pack)
Jewelry: Earring - Slither - Burgundy on Black - Headpiece - Slither - Burgundy on Black , Necklace - Slither - Burgundy on Black - by Ranom Calliope.
ND/MD Face Light GHOST (low light),
Bloody Kitchen Knife by Laura Liberty
Skin blood pale1 by sexina Rayna
NND/MD Dark Angel - Shape
GLOW Studio group GIFT (chin) wear with normal eyelashes
green glow particles made by Laci
Mooneye - Ghost light by newbie template Linden

Lolita Paragorn


Undies : blacklace - Diva Halloween
Hairs : Amacci Hair Tara - Black coal
Make up : eyes : 2.0 tattoo layer RAINBOW 1 by by Neko Yo
                          tattoo Face Egyptian
                          Tattoo White Widow spiderweb
                Lashes : Amacci "Donna" Black
                Lips : Glamorize
 Jewelleries : Finesmith Giz colorset
                    Finesmith Ktome Masala Silver
                    Adora earring diamond La Rosa
 Shoes : N-Core PIN UP Black   
  Skin : meggan 05 by Nany Merlin   

Student's Pictorial Exercise

In La Mode, we tend to develop a student as a whole.. We wanted them to learn how to take  there own pictures for their portfolio. 

Theses are some of their works with a theme of Casual Chic... 

Lolita Paragorn

Lolita Paragorn

Laci Rossini

Laci Rossini

Photo sizes - 512 x 512

Monday, 10 October 2011

A Graduation Show - A Morning of Fairytales and Fantasies

Welcome to an exploration into the many different Fantasy and Fairytale stories that exist.
Usually stories begin with "Once upon a time. "
Some stories tell Enchantment (magic)
Some form of royalty,
A wicked character
A kind character (that is usually treated badly).
A goodness rewarded in the end
The story ending in "they lived happily ever after".

Welcome to LA MODE School of Fashion and Agency's Graduation Show. Let us fill this morning with Fantasies and Fairy tales.

The Invite
The Host - Sweetwinx Bravin

Fairytale Outfits...

Bevels Resident - "Alice in Wonderland"

       She is Wearing the lovely "Alice in Wonderland" by Deviance in a dazzling sky blue.  The look is topped off with a darling hair bow.

 Going lower one finds the elegant pendant and earring set by Whiteney.  The top is worn snuggly displaying the natural curves of the body. 

Striped stockings compliment the look by adding a playful yet sexy touch.  On the wrist is worn the elegant "Milady" ring and bracelet set adding a touch of asymmetry to the ensamble.

  The look is completed by "Tuli Pumps" by Shiny Thing. These shoes were chosen for their bows which wonderfully compliment the hair.

Selina Graycloud -  " Princess Clover"

            Princess Clover emerges dressed in *Deviance's* rich green Medieval gown.  From the puffed ruffled long silk sleeves to the gold trimmed (top laced in silk ruffles) bodice and skirt gathered and sealed with a green emerald button at the front and back and  accessorized in PURE flowered Jewerly and Venezia shoes; this beautifully detailed piece truly defines great royalty and grace.

Jewerly:  From PURE
Flower Gold Bracelet, Tiara, earrings, and necklace

Gown:  From *Deviance*
Deluxe Fairy Tale Princess Gown with Gold Trim

Shoes:  Venezia  Heels

 Fantasy Outfits

Bevels Resident -   "Woodland Fairy"

Bevels is Now wearing the look "Woodland Fairy" - a magical and enchanting combination of outfits beginning with "Woodnymph" by Chaospire which compliments the curves of the body with a tight fitting and tantilizing array of leaves and twigs.

  On the back is worn the beautifully patterned "Iridescent pink/yellow wings" by Lizette giving a natural grace to the ensamble. 

Turquoise Bangles by INDI Designs are worn on the arm to add some asymmetry to the look.  A breathtaking scepter completes the look adding a mystical and majestic element.

  Selina Graycloud -  "Daughter of a Sultan "
        The Sultans daughter is dressed from head to toe  in the finest white and gold silk.  Her  white vail flows gently down to the gold detailed shoulder plates and jeweled cape.

  The layered gold trimmed skirt hugs her hips and runs down to her gold and white slippers. The white pearls placed all over her outfit complete with gold earrings would make anyone stop and stare.

Jewerely: KH Rhys Earrings
PURE Flower Gold Bracelet

Outfit:  Shaharazed Pearl  by Caverna Obscura

Shoes: MOON 1001 nights Harem Slippers

The Certificates

 We would like to thank everyone for coming and for being with us in this most unforgetable moment in our lives of graduates....

Our next batch will strat on October 17, 2011.

Please IM Angeltatz Lane for more info and application...

Sunday, 2 October 2011

- XANADU - Urbanity Style's - Quality women's clothes by Xanadu Damiano

- XANADU -  Urbanity Style's - Quality women's clothes is owned by Miss Xanadu Damiano

If one day  you woke up and see yourself so boring, try going to XANADU.. It has a wide range of selection of model clothes and great styles. 

The Latest Release is Xanadu's Mesh Clothes..

~X~ Leopard Dress Mesh
Model:  Roxy Cavalieri

~X~ Leopard Dress Mesh
Model:  Roxy Cavalieri
~X~ Sequin Dress Mesh
Sakira Mirabella

~X~ Sequin Dress Mesh
Sakira Mirabella

~X~ Mesh Dress Stars Pink
Roxy Cavalieri

~X~ Mesh Dress Stars Pink
Roxy Cavalieri

Keep Posted of XANADU's New Realeses...

Styling Challenge - September 29, 2011

LA MODE School of Fashion and Agency is giving Free mini Styling Contest twice a week with the following prizes:

~ if you are a student in the our school you will have 10 extra vote sin your board. 
~ 100L
~ Trophy
~  An be featured in our blog.

September 29, 2011 Mini-Styling Contest Winner 

BabyChampagne Sass

Styling Challenge - September 27, 2011

LA MODE School of Fashion and Agency is giving Free mini Styling Contest twice a week with the following prizes:

~ if you are a student in the our school you will have 10 extra vote sin your board. 
~ 100L
~ Trophy
~  An be featured in our blog


Azazel Marshdevil

Saturday, 1 October 2011

La Mode School of Fashion and Agency Grand Opening Show

Life has and will continue to change everyday... A change in location, a change in job or maybe a change within the relationship!! To make it more sweeter and longer... Phew…deep breath in order! Strangely enough, amidst the chaos, is a quiet peace, like I’m in the ‘eye of the storm’, where inner calmness and sanity prevail!

Behind those successful personalities and places are minds full of ideas and skillful hands ready to work hard and help.

La Mode School of Fashion and Agency had opened its doors to help those who wanted to have her / his own limelight. To develop the self confidence of an individual through runway show and other modeling related activities.

It's a Date! October 1st, 2011 ... 8:00 AM slt..

Thanks to our dear sponsors...

The Models

Sakira Mirabella
Pily Whitesong
Mumupandora Bailey
Babychampagne Sass
Elisabet Lilliehook

Thank you so much to those who had came and see our grand opening show... your presence was highly appreciated.. rest assured that La Mode School of Fashion will be giving you more exciting shows in the future...