Friday, 28 October 2011

Students Mini Styling Challenge

Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

Today, we wil give a new different meaning to Halloween... It is through fashion and Style by our lovely students...

Seat back, relax, and Happy Halloween..

Presenting the two love student's of our School on there Halloween outfits....

Laci Rossini -  Sexy Vampire

She is  wearing a dress called blood night by Calla, Her jewelry is by Zuri Creations called Tears of Blood, which sgei have her refills in. Bracelet by Zuri called Enchanted Spider.

  Single Lip Ring Blood Stone by Liderc Dagger  Her hair is by Truth called Jennifer-blood dark, Her shoe are by LC Vamp: Emberlei: Skin called Dark Angel by ND/MD shapes. Makeup by A'Vion and Mock.Eyes by Distinctive Red Snake by ~Devil's Advocate~
Fangs By ND/MD Shapes and Hud by Thirst bloodlines.

Ghost of dead housewife

Lolita Paragorn


Dress : Fashion Revealed by VITA'BOUDOIR
Hair : Amacci Hair Fayne - Black coal
Make up : eyes : ee.Midnight noir
                lips : Miamai les makeups Monica Lipstick Black 01
                Lashes : Chaisuki n 24
Nails : Finesmith Nails metallic in Black
Jewelleries : earring Skulls
                    Finesmith Diana Bracelet        
Shoes : N-Core ETERNITY in Gold
Skin : Meggan 05 by Nany Merlin

Laci Rossini

She is wearing a a dress by SAS - Happy Housewife Dress,
Shoes :Hinky Punk: Joanie Shoes saddle shoes.
Socks; Total Betty *Poodles* white sockies
Hair; !lamb. Bob - Granny (Grayscale Pack)
Jewelry: Earring - Slither - Burgundy on Black - Headpiece - Slither - Burgundy on Black , Necklace - Slither - Burgundy on Black - by Ranom Calliope.
ND/MD Face Light GHOST (low light),
Bloody Kitchen Knife by Laura Liberty
Skin blood pale1 by sexina Rayna
NND/MD Dark Angel - Shape
GLOW Studio group GIFT (chin) wear with normal eyelashes
green glow particles made by Laci
Mooneye - Ghost light by newbie template Linden

Lolita Paragorn


Undies : blacklace - Diva Halloween
Hairs : Amacci Hair Tara - Black coal
Make up : eyes : 2.0 tattoo layer RAINBOW 1 by by Neko Yo
                          tattoo Face Egyptian
                          Tattoo White Widow spiderweb
                Lashes : Amacci "Donna" Black
                Lips : Glamorize
 Jewelleries : Finesmith Giz colorset
                    Finesmith Ktome Masala Silver
                    Adora earring diamond La Rosa
 Shoes : N-Core PIN UP Black   
  Skin : meggan 05 by Nany Merlin   

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