Friday, 28 October 2011

Bevels Resident - LA Mode Top Student October Batch 1

 It is our great Honor and pride to Share with you an Interview of our Top Student.. Miss Bevels Resident

1) How was your experience studying in LA MODE?
Fabulous. The staff was very friendly and helpful.  The lessons were informative and well structured.  

2) What are your most unforgetable experience whiel studying in LA mODe?

My most unforgettable experience was the graduation ceremony.  I worked hard putting together my outfits and I was happy with their reception.  I was able to put everything I had learned to use and the presentation of the event was wonderful.  They constructed a themed runway specifically for the event.  The work and care that went into it was tremendous and I really appreciated it greatly. 

3) What did you feel when you were selected as a Top Student Model?
I felt really excited and honored and a bit nervous.  Its hard to describe such a varied mix of emotion. 

4) What are your future goals as a model ?

I hope to continue improving and learning and some day be an SL top model.
5) Any advise to those who wanted to do modelling? What is it?

I would say that you have to have a positive attitude and never give up.  Ever.  If you want something, go for it even if the timing is not right.  Its better to sieze opportunity and risk losing it than to not sieze it and guarentee your loss. 

Again, Congratulations to you Miss Bevels Resident.. It was our pleasure to be a part of your journey to the modeling world.. Good luck to you and God bless....

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